An example of exposure pathways from the Broilers to Market Risk Assessment showing how a broiler farm might be exposed to highly pathogenic avian influenza virus via wild aquatic, passerine or columbiforme birds.

Risk Assessments

The Secure Broiler Supply plan risk assessments are based on current research in virology, epidemiology, and risk-assessment as well as poultry industry practice. The SBS plan uses science- and risk-based preparedness and response components to proactively assess the risk associated with the movement of broiler industry products from a premises in a Control Area during an HPAI outbreak. The mitigation measures evaluated in the proactive risk assessments have been translated into permit guidance for the movement of broiler industry products (learn about permit guidances in the Secure Poultry Supply Plan). Proactive risk assessments have been developed for the following products:

Anatomy of a risk assesment

Broilers to market

Currently under review,
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